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Our Mission:  Take ordinary people and give them extraordinary results


We began CrossFit Nomad in 2011 with a simple mission: take “ordinary people and give them extraordinary results”.  By focusing all of our energy, effort and finances  on our mission, the result is an amazing gym, talented Coaches and a fantastic, welcoming community of members exceeding their fitness goals.

We thrive on the amazing physical transformations of our every-day members who come to us to lose weight, get strong, or simply improve their health: working women & men, first-time exercisers, grandparents, stay-at-home parents, teens or the disabled.

Our Workout Programming

Fitness equals wellness. If you are injured, excessively sore or overly tired as a result of your exercise regime, then you are not “fit.”

Our group coaching programming is “health” based, not focused on competition.  We are here to help to you do “life” better:  with your family and have an overall sense of well being.  Health is the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; especially :  freedom from physical disease or pain.

The design of the workout of the day (WOD) program is the MOST important difference between CrossFit boxes. CrossFit works, fast. But, more CrossFit does not equal better CrossFit. Excessive repetitive movements, improper scaling, or complex exercises under fatigue can leave people sore and possibly injured.

Nomad’s daily programming includes strength training which helps build a solid foundation for conditioning workouts (and daily life activities!). We also include accessory and flexibility exercises to improve our members’ mobility and athletic skills. Finally, every session ends with intense and fun conditioning workouts that build stamina and endurance.The quality of our workout programming is measured by the amazing results of our members. We encourage you to come in and talk to them – they enjoy sharing their success.


Our Facilities

SPACE is crucial when you want to perform a CrossFit workout.  Our 6,000 square foot facility easily handles multiple classes running at the same time, all the while leaving enough space for two or three apprentice coaches to run one-on-one personal training sessions on the other side of the facility. We also have an additional 1,000 square feet for our Kids and Teens classes.

Our Coaches

Here, our coaches practice what they preach. Every single coach on our staff, including the owners, were doing CrossFit on their own before becoming a coach with Nomad. Our coaches know what the customer experience is like because they were all clients. They are passionate about fitness, nutrition and the CrossFit methodology. They constantly devour information, videos, books, and blogs on everything related to fitness, nutrition and CrossFit. They pursue new Certifications every year. They compete regularly in CrossFit competitions, triathlons, 10ks, marathons, and more. Learn more about our coaches here: Coaches .


Our Classes

Nomad offers a flexible schedule for our clients. We also offer classes that compliment you (and your family’s) CrossFit routine: Olympic lifting (Nomad Barbell Club, USAW), strength training, endurance classes (Mercury Project), nutrition clinics, and specialty skills. We also have competition/team classes for athletes that train to compete in CrossFit events.  More information on our classes here: Classes.

website-16Our Community

CrossFit is known for its supportive, welcoming and generous community. Attend any CrossFit event or visit a CrossFit affiliate anywhere in the world and you’ll find like-minded people eager to welcome you to CrossFit and share their experiences.

Likewise, at Nomad, our community is incredibly welcoming and supportive – always willing to offer advice, coaching and encouragement. The Nomad community has become legendary at events, dominating the crowds with chants of support for Nomad athletes. Nomad is more than a gym, it’s a FAMILY

First Box

Our History

The Bean family has poured their hearts and souls into Nomad and it’s amazing community since day one. Scott Bean began CrossFitting in 2009  and a few months later was able to get his wife, Lori, to join in the fun.  They quickly fell in love with CrossFit’s methodology, the results, and the community.   They dreamed of creating a place where anyone could exercise to their own ability without feeling inadequate, without judgement and without stigma.  They wanted a place where their kids could grow up in a healthy, supportive, environment with strong role models to look up too.

Nomad was born in the summer of 2011 and started in a small RV storage unit. It was 960 square feet, with no heat, air, or bathrooms (we rented a bathroom for our people to use). We didn’t have the fanciest equipment; we had used barbells, no GHD machine, pull up cage that rocked if more than 4 people were on it, dumb bells that were bought at a garage sale, and no rubber flooring. Despite the equipment offerings, we had 25 members sign up for our “Boot Camp”. Everyone did great and over time our little community grew and grew. Soon, we needed to do all of our workouts in the parking lot because we had simply outgrown our space. We had to learn to share, go in heats, and truly love our neighbor because we were CLOSE to each other when we worked out. These experiences made our community stronger, and we started calling ourselves Nomads, because we were really a family. After 9 months, we finally moved to a bigger box, a 2000 square feet box with heat, air (which we still didn’t use) and 2 bathrooms!! We thought we had hit it big time there was so much room! But after a few months, we were back to that CLOSE feeling again and we are quickly growing out of that space.


During the next 2 years, we moved again; this time to about 6000 square feet. We have also improved our intake process for our new members with personal training to ensure a better transition to group classes, which made the classes better for our existing members, and implemented more education for our coaches (we have the BEST coaches!!). We’ve added workout tracking too which has helped everyone track their fitness and goals. We have classes to meet everyone’s needs:  CrossFit, CrossFit Kids, Olympic Lifting Club, Specialty Courses such as Gymnastics and Nutrition, and an Endurance program with class times to accommodate most people’s schedule.  We’ve watched many Nomads PR and we continue to bring the best for them to learn and grow in their fitness journey.

We have become a “School of Fitness”.  Our vision is be the BEST gym that provides fitness, longevity and wellness to families. We are not here to sit back and watch, we are here to interact with you on a one-on-one, face-to-face, high fiving level to make sure you learn and improve regularly.  You’re going to learn about nutrition, fitness and how to move properly.  We will track you, motivate you and support you to make sure you are getting the most out of the facility and life.

All of the family are avid CrossFitters. It is our passion. And we want to share it with you. Come try it out, we know you’ll love it.

Zan & EB

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