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WOD June 22nd – 2017

Depending on weather we do have an alternate workout for today. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do this outside. Today’s workout is not for time, so just make sure to split the work up however you want. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD June 22nd – 2017 “Slow But Steady”

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WOD June 21st – 2017

Today is a great push/pull strength workout. You will do one set of handstand push-ups or whatever you scale it to, rest 90 seconds, and then go into your rope climbs. Times on the workout should be around sub 15 minutes if scaled correctly. Try and shoot

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WOD June 20th – 2017

Keep the power cleans light so you can maintain unbroken reps for at least the first 10 minutes. Toes-to-bar reps are low, so this is a great opportunity to work on cycling reps! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD June 20th – 2017 “#relentless” – AMRAP 18 minutes 5 toes-to-bar

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WOD June 18th – 2017

There are multiple options on this strength proportion for today. The coach will discuss with you what the options are and help you perfect that form. The metcon should be fast. It should be treated as a sprint workout, but break your sets based on your ability!

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WOD June 17th – 2017 “Bring a friend WODurday”

As every Saturday it’s “Bring a friend WODurday”. Come down and have some fun with your friend or family member and show them what Nomad is all about. Have fun with this workout! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD June 17th – 2017 “Bring a friend WODurday” “WODurday #6” –

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WOD June 16th – 2017

This will be the final week of the power cleans and front box squat cycle. Even though the weight is heavier, the speed should still be the same as the start. During the metcon start out slow and try to maintain that pace. This will definitely get

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WOD June 15th – 2017

Your goal for today is to try and hit the same pace for the 500m row every round. You want to hit a fast pace on this 500m, but also not too fast as you want to go straight to your 10 toes-to-bar! You should have at

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WOD June 14th – 2017

Today we’ll work up to a heavy set of 3 rep push press. We should be aiming for about 80%+ on these. So if you know your one rep, try hitting about 80%+ for a triple. Break the workout into manageable sets and you’ll be fine! #NOMADNESS

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WOD June 13th – 2017

This workout will get challenging as soon as we hit the 10 minute mark. Don’t give in to the mental part of this EMOM. Pick a good pace and hold onto it! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD June 13th – 2017 “EMOM 20 minutes”  ODD: 10 – 8 calorie

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June 12th – 2017

Today’s strength does not need to be a MAX. Just a heavy 1 rep for the day, which should be around 85 – 90% of max. This workout is a different pace and great to deload for you guys a bit. Focus on doing the correct movements

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