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WOD August 23rd – 2017

Stick to the plan that we have written down below. It’ll definitely help you get nice and warm for finding a new 1RM on the bench. Stay away from grip fatigue during this workout. This means that you will have to break up sets or choose a

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WOD August 22nd – 2017

You should be splitting the work so that you can rest long enough to maintain consistency. The finisher workout shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes resting as needed between sets. Keep it up Nomads! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD August 22nd – 2017 “Cereal Killer” – AMRAP 22 minutes

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WOD August 21st – 2017

We would highly recommend following the sets we put down below. Of course keep in mind that everybody’s energy is different, so don’t follow it by heart. This workout will definitely hurt, so make sure to grab a weight you feel comfortable it and get at least

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WOD August 19th – 2017 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

Another “Bring A Friend WODurday”!! It’s going to be the 13th one since we’ve started this. We’ve really been hitting these off and we’re glad you are all coming in to do a workout with us and enjoy the community we offer because of Nomad. So if

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WOD August 18th – 2017

This week of box squats should be exactly the same as two weeks ago. If needed some of you can add 10 – 15lbs but all sets should remain explosive. The pull-ups should be capable of being completed in 3 sets or less. Same goes for the

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WOD August 17th – 2017

We’re doing a EMOM set of static gymnastic work with some heavy farmer carries. The farmer carries need to be AHAP and be done unbroken. The workout is a workout that will get harder and harder the more you progress through it. Great opportunity to work on

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WOD August 16th – 2017

Sets should be slightly heavier than last week, but we should still be seeing perfect technique. The pull-ups during the workout should resemble more of a jumping pull-up, rather than it looking like a dead-hang pull-up. Be quick on this one and try and finish within the

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WOD August 15th – 2017

We did this complex in month 1, so be sure to check Zenplanner what you got for this complex last time and we should be seeing a lot of PRs!! “Blackhand” has been a workout we’ve also done before, so it’s a great way to retest our

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WOD August 14th – 2017

Two options for the strength work today. Choose wisely :)! The kettlebell swings should be heavy during this workout. It should get challenging around the 5 minute mark. We’ll have time to do the extra credit during class! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD August 14th – 2017 Strength:  5

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WOD August 12th – 2017 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

It’s another “Bring A Friend WODurday”!! Come in and do a free workout with us. All of our Saturdays involve of a partner workout to make it easier to come in and do a workout. Try us out and see how much you’ll love our Nomad community!

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