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WOD October 17th – 2017

Conditioning today is more GPP based. Sledpushes should be 100% effort, but heavy enough that you cannot complete it full sprint. Recovery is the key today, definitely if you were here yesterday. We’re suggesting about 2 minutes of rest between rounds so that you can recover properly.

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WOD October 16th – 2017

Progressively build to a 1RM on sumo deadlift. Sets should look something like 5-3-2-1-1-1-etc. Make sure you don’t spend too much energy on higher rep sets and more on the singles. For the workout it’s a 100% effort. The 5 minutes rest should give you enough rest

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WOD October 15th – 2017

The strength part should be submaximal. You can use the same bar for FS as HPC. Try to find a pace that allows you to work consistently for the 18 minutes. Weight choices should be light! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD October 15th – 2017 Strength: 1: hang power

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WOD October 14th – 2017 “Bring A Friend WODurday”

This will be a fun one to bring your friend with you to do this workout with! Pacing is the key in this workout as it gets progressively harder with each movement. Nothing should be heavy and you should maintain a slower pace on this one. #NOMADNESS

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WOD October 13th – 2017 “Battle of the Nomads WOD #2”

WOD #2 for Battle of the Nomads, which all classes will be doing this Friday. Remember though, the 5:15 class will be in the style of “Friday Night Lights” where we will have multiple heats running. You can find the standards video here: standards video. The standings

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WOD October 12th – 2017

This workout is all about strategy. Teams that partition the work the best will probably have the higher totals. This workout will not only improve recovery but will also allow you to get some steady-state work in. RX to RX+ score should look for about 7k+ meters.

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WOD October 11th – 2017

The floor press is great for enhancing lockout so make sure you keep your elbows in and you have a spotter. The EMOM is based on gymnastics today. Multiple options you can chose depending on your ability, but none of this workout should take you more than

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WOD October 10th – 2017

This workout is designed to ensure athletes have close to full-recovery between efforts. We should be able to share sleds this way. The barbell movements should be light to moderate and capable of being done unbroken. The finisher shouldn’t require more than 10 minutes. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD

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WOD October 9th – 2017

The zercher box squats will directly carry over to the deadlift and build upper back/anterior core. These will be uncomfortable but a great variation. You can use some knee sleeves or a long shirt to support the bar in the elbows. Kettlebell weight should be light and

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WOD October 8th – 2017 “Sunday Funday”

Complete all the back squats with speed. Focus on perfect technique on these backsquats and ring rows (focus on engaging the upper back/scaps). All of this metcon work will double as aerobic work and base-building work. All the carries should be challenging. Have fun! #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM WOD

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