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Lori Bean


Lori was first introduced to functional fitness training by her husband Scott in 2009. “It was unlike anything I had ever tried before. It sparked a desire to understand the principles of strength training, metabolic conditioning, and nutrition”, Lori said. With this new found desire, her and her husband decided to become owners of their own fitness facility in Madison, AL and train others that were a little timid about starting such an intense program.  They kicked off their first of many series of “Nomad Boot Camps”  and “New You Challenges” in the summer of 2011.  She will be the first to tell you that Nomad will allow you to use your body to the max while learning new skills.  Most folks that don’t train as intensely will struggle against their strength and power limitations.

In her quest for knowledge to help people achieve their fitness goals, she holds several certifications such as CrossFit Level I and II, USAW, and Precision Nutrition Level 1.  These certificates, along with another dozen certifications she holds gives her a unique and comprehensive approach to well being, fitness, and performance.

“It is my goal to provide the most comprehensive and well rounded training program designed around your goals and aspirations. I deliver this through continued education and a constant effort to refine my approach to fitness.” Lori said.
Lori believes that someone telling you to push harder and get back on that bar will increase your fitness, help you reach unimagined goals, look great in a bathing suit, leap tall buildings, lose 10 pounds by summer, and encourage a fitness lifestyle that is second to none.  She will demand you give everything in every workout and you will find new depths to your mental toughness.  Oh yeah, and she will make sure you have a lot of fun!”


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Wouter Lassauw “Woody”

Head Coach

My name is Wouter, but people call me Woody. I’m 22 years old and I have multiple jobs ranging from website design to managing a festival back in The Netherlands. I recently graduated in IBMS (International Business And Management). I have always played soccer at a very high level and coached high level club soccer teams. After I quit soccer back in 2013, I found CrossFit. I still remember my first WOD, which was “Fight Gone Bad”. I wish I would have found CrossFit a lot earlier, as it has transformed not only my body, but also my mentality! I became a coach back in 2014 and have been coaching ever since.

I became a coach as it’s always been inside of me to help people out. I read a lot of articles and love making each class funner yet more interesting and learnable for the athletes each time! Outside of CrossFit I enjoy having a good time with my training partners and the Nomad community. They mean a lot to me and I’ve made some great friends thanks to Nomad!! So what are you waiting for?! Let’s GO!!
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Brandon Bradley


Coach Brandon has been an Active duty Combat Engineer officer for 10 years. He was in Reserve for the last three years and now is back on active duty.   He started Crossfit during his first deployment to Iraq in 2005.   He joined a CF affiliate in Pensacola FL in 2009.  Everywhere he has been since, it is one of the first things he does is to find a box and go workout.  He has always been competitive and played sports in highschool and college.  He joined CF Nomad and later received my Level 1 CF cert in 2012 and started coaching at CrossFit Nomad that year.  He also has received the USAW cert in 2014.

“I have competed in many CF competitions and have ran in multiple races.  I love to compete but my joy comes from coaching and working out with the community of athletes that make of NOMAD”,  Brandon says.

He has a beautiful wife named Jessica and two wonderful children, Connor 9 yrs old and Lily 6 yrs old.  An interesting fact about Brandon is that he is  big Celine Dion fan!

“The most important thing to know about me is that I love Jesus!  My faith is very important to me and I hope that it shows in my coaching and life”.



Ben Stevenson

 Ben is CrossFit certified and is a History/Government teacher,  football and baseball coach at Sparkman High School. He has a wife-Linzee  and a “Future” son-Billy Mac. His hobbies include anything sports related.  He has written and published 3 books.  He’s passionate about seeing people do something they didn’t think they could.  So many people start and say, “I’ll never be able to do this/that.”  When you witness them work hard and then achieve that goal it is awesome.  He grew up with 3 brothers so being competitive has always been in his nature. Ultimately, that is what led him to Nomad.
Ben says, “I love the ability to compete against fellow athletes, myself, and the clock”.

Stephen Nicknish


He moved to Alabama over a year ago and planned to only drop in at Nomad a few months. He quickly became part of the community and wanted to put his roots down in Madison. He became CrossFit level I certified and completed the Nomad internship. Before moving to Alabama, he played soccer at UT Dallas for 4 years.
He’s also an Engineer and avid obstacle course runner

” I want people to realize their potential and see that they are much stronger and more capable than they think they are.” 

He likes reading a good book, long walks on the beach, and he keeps a hidden stash of ice cream in his freezer. It’s great having stephen on the team at Nomad!


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