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WOD February 12th – 2018

Today’s strength starts with overhead squats. Make sure to choose something you feel comfortable with today. Having to snatch the weight up consistently during the workout will break you. It pays off to pace the rest of the workout so you can do large sets for your overhead squats. It will be tempting to want to go fast from the start, because of the reverse rep scheme, however don’t do this. Hold off to a more conservative pace at the start which will pay off during the bigger sets. #NOMADNESS #MORETHANJUSTAGYM

WOD February 12th – 2018


  • overhead squat | build to a heavy single on overhead squats | you can do these from the ground or rack | focus on mechanics and work to improve your overhead squat position | great warm-up for the workout

“Over and Over” – for time – 9/15/21

  • chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • burpees
  • overhead squats

RX: 95 – 65
SCALED OPTION: Scale the weight to something you can complete each round in 1 – 2 sets

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